📈Start Trading

To access the DeXter app, you should navigate in your browser to the following URL:

Next, hit the connect button at the top right of the DeXter app where you will be prompted through the Radix wallet to choose a persona and link an account. After you connect your wallet, the selected Persona should be visible along with the account(s) selected to be used with DeXter:

There are currently 2 main types of order which can be conducted on DeXter: Market and Limit.

Market Orders

Market orders are a request to buy or sell tokens at the best price available currently on the order book. Market orders are fulfilled immediately and are ideally suited if you just want to swap one token for another immediately at the best current price.

Limit Orders

For instructions on using DeXter, RDX Works have recently published a walkthrough video with one of our contributors. Here you will find guidance on using the app:

If you'd like to give DeXter a try but are a bit apprehensive, or don't want to use your own mainnet tokens, we also have our app running on Radix's testnet, Stokenet. This gives exactly the same functionality as mainnet, but allows you to utilise tokens with no value while you familiarise yourself. The following pages describe how to connect to the Stokenet app.

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