Validator nodes are the backbone of the Radix network. They process transactions and collectively come to consensus on the network state, whilst maintaining security through delegated proof-of-stake. 100 validators are eligible to take part in consensus and earn XRD network emissions proportional to their delegated stake. DeXter operates a validator node, managed and administered by one of our community contributors.

Any holder of XRD is welcome to stake on DeXter's validator node, thus contributing to the security of the network. In doing so, stakers are eligible to claim DEXTR rewards.


  • 25,000 DEXTR (25% of supply) are awarded to stakers every fortnight in lieu of XRD network emissions.

  • The DeXter node operates with a 100% fee resulting in all XRD network emissions being awarded to the treasury.

  • 75% of all XRD earned by the validator node is used to buy DEXTR on the exchange, to boost liquidity.

  • 25% of all XRD earned by the validator node is retained by the treasury to support future development.

DeXter's Staking APY varies with the price of DEXTR and the amount of stake delegated to the node. At the time of writing, the APY is 12.5%

How to Stake

Staking on Radix is permissionless, meaning any XRD holder can stake and unstake freely on any validator node. Neither DeXter, nor our contributors have any custody over any stake which is delegated to our validator node.

Provided you have XRD, you are able to stake on DeXter's validator node by following the link below and connecting your Radix wallet to the staking dashboard:

  1. Simply click on "Add Stake" and enter the amount in the field as shown below, before selecting "Send to the Radix Wallet".

  2. Open the Radix wallet and approve the transaction.

  3. Congratulations - you are now a DeXter contributor and earning DEXTR rewards!

Claiming Staking Rewards

An hourly snapshot of the stakers on DeXter's node are automatically recorded and collated every 2 weeks, to coincide with the start of the contributor Nomination Process.

Any account staking on DeXter throughout each fortnightly period will be eligible to claim a proportion of the 25,000 DEXTR which are allocated.

Staking rewards are loaded onto DeXter's on-ledger claims component for stakers to claim by connecting their wallet to our Rewards page, details of which can be found in the Claiming Rewards section.

DeXter's Validator Fees

DeXter's validator node operates with a 100% fee. This means that stakers to the node will only receive DEXTR rewards. Any XRD network emissions are awarded to the treasury. This XRD is used exclusively for the following:

  1. 25% to be retained for future development.

  2. 75% to be used for purchasing whitelisted pairs from the DeXter exchange.

As above, 75% of the XRD earned by the node are used to add liquidity to the buy-side of selected pairs. Initially this will only apply to the DEXTR/XRD pair but may be expanded to other pairs, but only following a future governance vote.

Stakers to DeXter's node are therefore not only contributing by securing the Radix network, but also indirectly provide liquidity to the exchange through the purchases of DEXTR by the treasury.

Validator Fee Market Orders

The XRD received by the treasury from the validator node is sent to a separate account to administer the purchasing of DEXTR on the exchange. This account is held by a trusted contributor to the project, but will be moved to a multi-sig account when this feature is available on Radix mainnet.

For reference and transparency, the account which will purchase DEXTR on behalf of the treasury can be found below:

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