💪Start Testing

To access the DeXter test app, you should use the following link, substituting the field shown with the relevant pull request number (PR) from the DeXter Github:

You will need to configure your wallet to use the Stokenet Gateway, and have the Stokenet Gateway selected in your mobile wallet. Instructions can be found in the Setup page.

Next, hit the connect button at the top right of the DeXter app where you will be prompted through the Radix wallet to choose a persona and link at least one account. After you connect your wallet, the selected Persona should be visible along with the account(s) selected to be used with DeXter:

To start trading on DeXter, you'll now need some XRD! The good news is there's a faucet in the Radix wallet (only available on Stokenet sadly 😊). The faucet can be found by selecting any account in the Radix wallet, followed by the settings menu at the top right, then select "Get XRD Test Tokens". You will be asked to sign and then within a few seconds you should find 10,000 XRD in your account.

We're always looking for any UI issues, errors, unexpected behaviour or just your general feedback (positive and negative!). If you would like to report any issues, you can either:

  1. Add an Issue to our Github: DeXter-on-Radix

  2. Use the following Google form:

That's it! Go nuts, try to break things and keep the feedback coming!

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