🎁How Are Contributors Rewarded?

The DeXter token is minted to reward voluntary contributors following a governance vote by our community. There is not and never will be a token sale. Please be aware of scams!

First and foremost, contributors to the project will receive the respect and admiration of the Radix community for their enviable contribution to web3 and decentralised governance... ☺️ and if that isn't enough, we also have a few other incentives to share:

The DeXter Token (DEXTR)

DeXtr is the token that represents the project. It is rewarded periodically to our contributors following a governance vote by the community.

Every 2 weeks, previous contributors have the option to nominate other contributors who they feel should share a proportion of the rewards minted in that cycle.

100,000 tokens are minted every 2 weeks, with 45% allocated to active contributors who support the development of the platform. 30% are awarded to our liquidity providers, and 25% is awarded to stakers of the DeXter validator node. Please see the tokenomics page for further details.

Trading Fees

All trades originating from the DeXter app will earn a platform fee, as described here. Accumulated platform fees will be distributed to contributors proportional to their DEXTR holdings so holders can be rewarded in XRD depending on the volume of trades originating from DeXter.


We are exploring other potential ways of providing utility to the DEXTR token, for example using DEXTR in place of XRD for trading fees, and are working on a staking model to enhance rewards. Further details to be announced as developments progress.

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