The DeXter token is minted to reward voluntary contributors following a governance vote by our community. There is not and never will be a token sale. Please be aware of scams!

The DEXTR token details can be found/verified here.


  • 0 initial supply.

  • 100,000 DEXTR minted every fortnight, with 75% distributed to contributors following a governance vote.

  • 5% of the fortnightly token distribution are held in the DeXter treasury wallet to support future development.

  • 20% of the fortnightly token distribution are awarded to liquidity providers.

  • Maximum supply is currently undefined, but at the current emission rate will be 26,000,000 after 10 years.

  • Tokens are not available for sale, nor redeemable for any monetary value. Token holders will receive a distribution of all platform fees collected by trades on AlphaDEX, originating from the DeXter app.


Zero DEXTR tokens were minted at genesis, with 100,000 tokens minted every 2 weeks which are distributed following a governance vote by the DeXter community - Please see the nominations page for further details. At the time of writing, the circulating supply of DEXTR is 1,800,000. Please note the DEXTR token resource address below:


Currently there is no maximum supply of DEXTR, but at the current emission rate will be 26,000,000 tokens after 10 years.


After each 2 week period, 100,000 DEXTR tokens will be minted to the treasury wallet, with all distributions to contributors being made by the treasury. Control of the treasury will eventually be by a multi-sig account after smart contracts launch on the Radix mainnet. For the time being, distribution and minting will be undertaken by a trusted contributor of the DeXter project, with the agreement of all contributors.

5% of all tokens minted are held in the DeXter treasury wallet to support further developments of the platform. In addition, during the nomination process it is possible for contributors to nominate the treasury wallet to receive a larger share. Please note the DeXter treasury wallet address below:

Following the nomination process (described here), tokens will be distributed from the treasury to contributors. In order to take part in the distribution, all contributors must provide a Radix wallet address and enter their details into the contributor sheet found here. They must also agree to the terms outlined within this Gitbook.

Warning - If a contributor is nominated to receive tokens but a wallet address is not provided or otherwise go unclaimed, after a period of 2 weeks these tokens will be retained by the treasury.

AlphaDEX Platform Fees

The fee structure of the AlphaDEX that serves as the backend to DeXter is described here. Platform fees are paid to any front end application through which orders are submitted to the exchange. This model enables any app builder to receive fees without charging users separately. The platform fee can be set from 0-0.1%. It is through this model that DEXTR token holders will receive rewards based on the trades submitted through the DeXter app. The platform fee is yet to be determined, and can only be changed through a governance vote.

An example of reward distribution is shown below:

Assumption 1 - DeXter Tokens in Circulation = 100,000 DEXTR

Assumption 2 - Total Trade Volume = 100,000XRD

Assumption 3 - Platform Fee = 0.1%

Total Platform Fees = 100,000 * 0.1% = 100XRD

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