Nomination Process

Every 2 weeks, to coincide with the token minting schedule, a nomination and voting process is undertaken to determine how newly minted tokens should be distributed to contributors.


Prior to the start of voting, contributors are invited to share their contributions in the Dexter Telegram discussion group, using the hashtag #nomination1, #nomination 2 etc.. depending on the current cycle. Contributions are easily lost in the history of the chat, so by consolidating contributions in a single post, it provides a summary to voters whilst the hashtag allows for easier searching.

Before a contributor can cast and receive votes, the following should be completed:

  1. New contributors must complete the registration form found in the How Do I Contribute? section and agree to all terms.

  2. New contributors should share their contributions as described above, by writing a post with #nomination* (where * is the current voting phase).

  3. New contributors must receive at least 3 nominations from other active contributors before being eligible to cast and receive votes.

  4. Once 3 nominations are received, contributors will be added to the voting app and be eligible to take part in the next voting phase (note: it is not possible for new contributors to be added to the voting system in the same phase as they are nominated).


All active contributors are welcome to cast votes. 100 points can be allocated, with a maximum of 40 points to each individual contributor. It is not possible to vote for oneself and nominators are encouraged to consider all contributions, whether they be development or non-development based.


The voting and nomination process is administered and moderated for fairness by a DeXter contributor. The process is facilitated through our DeXter Nominations and Voting App. Contributors are invited to nominate themselves and other contributors every second Wednesday, with voting opening on the following Friday, remaining open until the following Tuesday. This allows the entirety of the weekend for the community to consider how best to vote.

Contributors should be identified by their Telegram username (note: not their display name) and votes cast accordingly.

To take part in the voting process, please log in to the app at the following link and click the "Vote" tab (The password can be requested through the DeXter Telegram group and will be DM'd to active contributors once eligible):

DeXter Voting App

Once the nomination period has ended on the following Tuesday, votes are reviewed for fairness, and recorded to provide a historical record.

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