If you're already active in the Radix community you have probably downloaded the Radix wallet and browser extension, but if that's not the case, this is the first step. The Radix wallet can be downloaded following the link below and is available for both iOS and Android:

Once you've installed the Radix wallet and created your first account, you'll need to configure the wallet to work with Radix's test network (Stokenet):

  1. Open the Radix wallet and click on the settings icon, followed by "App Settings" and "Gateways":

Please be aware that your Stokenet accounts are derived from the same seed phrase as your Mainnet accounts. Whilst the funds on Stokenet have no value, please ensure you do not share your seed phrase with anyone, and keep it safely written down.

  1. Select "Stokenet" from the list. After selection, you should see a red banner in the top section of the app indicating that the wallet app is now connected to the stokenet testnet.

  1. Return to the first page of the wallet and you'll find that all of your Mainnet accounts have disappeared. DO NOT PANIC:

The Stokenet Gateway has it's own separate set of accounts and addresses. You can return your wallet to Mainnet mode at anytime by returning to the Gateway settings above and clicking on "https://mainnet.radixdlt.com"

Your wallet is now ready to connect to the DeXter test app (or any other Stokenet dapp for that matter!). If you have already downloaded and installed the Radix Connector extension for your browser then you're all set - but if not, please follow the additional step below:

  1. Return to the Radix Wallet download page and follow step 2 to install the browser extension. This is currently only available for Chromium browsers so you may need to install one such as Chrome or Brave if you have not already:

Congratulations! You are now ready to start testing DeXter. Jump to the next page to get started...

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