🤝How Do I Contribute?

What we need

Anyone and everyone! Don't be disheartened if you're not a developer too, there's a range of tasks to suit everyone who would like to contribute to the project (I say this as a contributor with zero developing experience!).

Here's just a few examples of what we might need to bring this project to mainnet:

  • community managers

  • project managers

  • marketing enthusiasts

  • social media influencers

  • UI/UX designers

  • graphic designers

  • front-end developers

  • full-stack developers

  • developer leads

  • dev ops

  • trading experts

  • beta testers

  • community engagement

  • documentation creators

  • tech support

How do I signup?

If you'd like to contribute to the project, the first step is to join our social channels and introduce yourself - we're a friendly and welcoming bunch, so follow us on Twitter, drop into our Telegram and say hello:

To help us understand your area of expertise, please also complete our contributor registration form below. This helps other contributors find relevant skilled people to collaborate with:


You can request access to our Github in our Telegram channel. Our repos are available here:

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