💰Rewards Claims

DeXter provides an on-ledger claims component and front end UI to provide all liquidity providers, stakers and contributors with an easy way of claiming their rewards.

This component and interface is designed to be project agnostic, meaning any project on Radix can request to use our service to upload rewards and direct their users to the UI to connect their wallets and claim.

The following sections detail how our claims component works, and how users are able to claim.

Loading Rewards

Rewards are loaded to our smart contract via a transaction manifest. DeXter has simplified the creation of this manifest by providing a simple Google sheet that is made available to anyone who wishes to use our Rewards claims page.

If you are a project on Radix and would like to utilise our claims page functionality for your project - contact us in our Telegram

As can be seen from the sheet above, a minimal amount of information is required to upload rewards:

  1. Choose an account address from which to upload rewards.

  2. Enter a name for the rewards which will appear on the claims page.

  3. Select the token which you intend to reward users with.

  4. Enter the account addresses and reward amounts.

In the example above we use accounts to identify claimants but our component can also attribute rewards to individual NFT holders

Once the information for adding rewards has been added, the sheet generates the transaction manifest which is provided in the cell highlighted in yellow. To add the rewards to the Radix ledger, this manifest is copied into the developer console and submitted to the wallet for signing:

  1. Copy the manifest provided by the sheet (see example above).

  2. Enter the manifest into the Developer Console

  3. Submit the tx and sign using the wallet -

In the example above, the transaction displayed in the wallet shows that we are interacting with the Dexter Rewards component on ledger to add 1.23 XRD of rewards.

An authorisation badge is presented as part of the transaction (DeXter Rewards Admin) to prevent the spamming of rewards to the component. DeXter provides this admin badge to any projects intending to use our claims page.

Once the transaction is signed, the rewards are uploaded to the component ready for users to claim.

Claiming Rewards

If you are staking on DeXter's node, providing liquidity or an active contributor, all rewards are now uploaded to our claims component on ledger and can be claimed by connecting your wallet to our UI.

The same is true for our partner projects who are utilising DeXter's infrastructure to provide their own rewards to their users. This section explains the user journey in claiming rewards and follows the example above in Loading Rewards

  1. Browse to DeXter's rewards claim page

  1. Connect your wallet via the Radix connect button

  2. The Rewards page will display any rewards which are due for claiming by the account connected -

  1. Click "Claim All Rewards" and sign the transaction in your wallet -

The first time a claimant connects their wallet, the claims component will send a DeXter Rewards NFT to the user's account which provides the authorisation for all future claims.

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